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Effect of Radiation on Human Body

RF Radio Frequency plays a significant role in todays communication. Almost every electronic device emiits a radiation. Now a days especially in India almost every person holds a device called mobile phone in his hand. The mobile phones are the one of the major source of RF. In the year 2010, it is estimated that 105 million population will be having this device. It is therefore no surprise that there is increasing concern over the possible health effect when using these device.The Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (IEGMP) published a report on mobile phone and health.

How RF effects the Human Body

Human body absorbes radiotion and significant heating may occur without the individual knowledge. The body is unaware of this heating because body does’nt have internal sensation of heat. There are many ill effect of the RF like brain tumors, Leukemia, birth defects, mis carriages, chronic fetigue, headaches, cataracts, heart problem. cancers… and many more. With the advent of numerous device like, microvave, copier, mobile phone, computers, automobile engines are dominently used. These device produce electromagnatic waves that are dangerous to physical and mental aspect of human and animals.

Specific Absorption Rate and Cell Phones

Specific Absorption Rate is defined as the RF power absorbed per unit of mass of an object and is measured in Watts per Kilogram(W/Kg). It describes the potential for heating of the user’s tissue due to the application of the RF energy necessary to produce the minimum signal. Almost every device especially for mobile phones SAR compliance is mandatory. International Guidline specifies the SAR limit at 2.0 W/Kg

Effect of RF

The following table willl illstrate the SAR level and the effect.

SAR in uW/Kgcm2 EFFECT
0.1 EEG brain waves are altered when exposed to the cell phone signal.
0.16 Memory effected.Especially Childres.
0.2 – 0.8 Two-fold increase in childhood leukemia.
1.3 – 5.7 Two-fold increase in leukemia.
2 -4 Direct effect of RFR on ion channels in cells
5-10 Impaired nervous system activity.
10 Significant difference in visual reaction time and reduced memory function.
10-25 Changes in the hippocampus of the brain.
50 18% reduction in REM sleep (important to memory and learning functions)
100 Changes in immune system functions.26 % drop in insulin
120 Pathological changes in the blood brain barrier