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The Raising Waves

Raising Waves

Raising Waves- Someshwara Beach during monsoon season

16 September- World Ozone Day

16th September each year, we celebrate as International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. On this day in 1987 the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed. This offers an opportunity around the world to focus attention and action at the global, regional and national levels on the protection of the ozone layer.

The Ozone Layer serves the protective layer of naturally occurring gas, comprised of three atoms of oxygen found about 10 – 50 km above the earth’s surface that protects us from the harmful ultraviolet radiation or UV-B rays of sun. Scientist found that the layer was thinning as a result of the excessive use of CFC’s. In 1985, nations around the world convened at Vienna in an attempt to develop a framework for co-operative activities to protect the Ozone layer. This signed agreement became known as the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer.

Today morning I saw a interesting short film on Ozone Protection. It is beautifully animated movie which will tell you more about importance of ozone gas. Please watch Ozzy Ozone on YouTube

Ozone is poisonous by nature, we cannot produce ozone gas and release it to the earth surface. The Mother nature decided its right place high above the earth. The only option left is to protect the layer of ozone by reducing the emission of CFS’ and other ozone killer gases into the atmosphere.

Over the years, the ozone layer has been depleting, and our scientists are working hard to overcome this ozone depletion problem. But, even we should act responsibly to help curb this global menace. Let us spread the awareness and take the opportunity of September 16, Ozone Day, to help educate others about ozone depletion and do our bit to protect life on earth.

The image used in this post is the cover page of the “Ozone newsletter special Issue” published by UNEP

Happy Ozone Day to all.