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The logic behind visiting temples

You may have the opinion that why one should visit temples, while God is Sarvantaryaami ( omnipresent). Yes GOD is omnipresent. Then question may arise why one should visit temple..? There is a reason for every rituals which is practiced by our ancestors. Ancient culture had known about the method of trapping the cosmic energy in a localized place. One of the method of trapping this cosmic energy is building temple like structures. The structure of the temple with its varied base-height ratio converges the cosmic energy of different wavelength to a point, this technique is similar to that of the lens converging the sun light. The cosmic Energy trapped in temples have a higher intensity than that available in open space. The cosmic energy trapped by temples, or for that matter any structures like dome, pyramid or tower, are blue, green and red. Difference in the height of temple will trap different wavelength of energies. The ratio between height and base of Shiva Temple is greatest and it traps around 300nm wavelength energies. Height Shakti Temple as compared in ratio with that of its base is smallest, these temples traps around 700 nm wavelength energy from the cosmos. The height of Vishnu Temple as compared in ratio with that of its base is midway between height of temples, meant to trap around 500 nm wavelength energy from the cosmos. This method of charging oneself with cosmic energy has good effect on body. This is the reason why our ancestors had started the rituals to visit the temple.

It is also interesting to know that there is similarity in the wavelength trapped by the temple and offerings made to the deity in the temple. At Shakti temple, the goddess is offered with red-color flower, kumkum, and red color mantrakshata (a mixure of rice and kumkum). At Visnhu Temple or any Vishnava Temple, the God is offered the things which are green in color or color near to green, such as Tulasi, yellowish Mantrakhata or green color cloths. In Shiva Temple the God is offered with flower having bluish colo, such as Vibhuti (Sacred Ash).