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Someshwara-Long time after a break

It is my favorite hangout place. Yes it is one of the coolest place of Mangalore. Whenever I get free time during evening, I used to spend in this place. Lot of memories of my life is associated with this place.

During my high school days, I was introduced to Someshwara, a small coastal village near Ullala. I done my high schooling in Anandashram High School, Someshwara, which is located half a km from Arabian Sea. A school which has glorious history of more than 50 years in the field of education .

This village is called Someshwara because of Sri Somanatheshwara Temple. A historical temple built during the regime of famous queen Rani Abbakka Devi in 16th century.

I and My Best Friend (who went to ‘other world’) used to spend hours together in this beach. However busy we were in our personal/professional life, we never used to forget to meet on every Saturday. The place as around 8 Km’s from our home. I relied on my Bike to travel this distance. We used to stay in the beach till the Sun goes down.

On 2nd May 2008, I went Someshwar almost after a year, to attend the Old Friends Meet held at Ananadashram High School. All teachers of our batch plus some students had attended the meeting. Almost after ten years we met each other. Some faces are changed and some are unchanged, some are married and arrived with their children.

It was my honor that, I was invited to this Meet. The meeting began with the breakfast with friends and teachers. After the breakfast, we had a reintroduction session, where we reintroduced ourself . After we finished with the introduction, we went to each of the class room, we sat on the benches in the same order where we used to sit during those days. After that the fun section began, a lot spot games were arranged for teachers and students . They also arranged soccer and cricket. After 7 years I played soccer – a favorite game of mien during school day. Totally, it was day of recalling all the memories and sharing best movements of those days with our friends.

After the lunch, we went to the school library. It was our routine to visit the library after the lunch during the school days. I read few books in the library. We also visited the PU college, which is built recently.

Evening we all went to Someshwara Temple and Someshwara beach. We spent almost an hour in the beach. We all Climbed the ‘Rudra Shila’ a big Rock near to the beach. It is one of the attractions of the Someshwara. We all had fun during trekking. Watching the sunset from this rock is amazing experience

Dinner was arranged in the Summer Sand Beach Resort near to Ullal. We all went there, it is around 2 Km from Someshwara. We had nice dinner in the resort. A musical event is arranged for us by our juniors. We had a lot of fun in participating in the show.

Altogether it was a great day in my life. It is nice to arrange this kind of meet. It will give immense pleasure to share your experience with your friends and also listen to some of their experiences. I personally learned a lot from this Meet.