Installing Linux Mint using Flash Drive.

The other day My friend had a problem with his Windows OS. Actually he was not able to connect with our office WiFi (because of VIRUS issues). I suggested him to go for Linux (because it is VIRUS free and no need to install any anti-virus softwares.) I demonstrated the Linux Mint, which was installed in my Lapi. Being fascinated by the looks and functionalities, he told me to go for it.

Its always Opportunity not the Problem…..

He had a problem (oh sorry its Opportunity for me). His CD/DVD ROM is not detecting the media. We tried a lot for it. But the DVD Drive is not ready to read the Mint CD. He said “It is BIG PROBLEM BOSS…. what to do now?”. I said, “Its Always Opportunity… not the Problem. Problem will always gives you the Opportunity to do the things in Different way.” So Problem=Opportunity.

USB came into Picture

So I went with the usb drive to load the “Linux Mint” in his laptop. First I googled and found a way to do it. I am going to explain the procedure. For this we require a USB, which is more having 2.0 GB Memory, Mint ISO CD and a LINUX machine

The procedure

1. Take Linux Machine and Insert the Linux Mint CD and a 2 GB USB Device into the Slot…
2. Type the following command.

sudo su
apt-get install usb-creator

sudo su The sudo command is a program for Unix-like computer operating systems that allows users to run programs with the security privileges of another user (normally the superuser, a.k.a. root). (Wiki)

USB Creator The USB Creator (usb-creator) is an official tool to create Live USBs Mint from the Live CD or from an iso image.

3. After Installing the USB Creator. Run the application (USB Creator). Normally it appears in “Application” in Main Menu. The steps I performed in my laptop is (a) Click Menu, (b) From the filter box, type usb creator, (c) Click Create a USB startup disk.

4. Make sure that the USB and the Linux Mint CD is already inserted into their respective slot and drive. The USB Creator automatically detects the CD and the USB device. If you are having the ISO image in Disk please specify the exact location of the ISO image. (Click on ‘Other’ button. It will give a dialog box to select the location). Make sure to select the radio button captioned “Stored in reserved extra space” before hitting “Make Start Up Disk”.

Finally the USB Boot Device is ready. I just Inserted the USB in friends Laptop(which was having problem with DVD ROM) and restarted the laptop. (Please make sure that the initial boot device is USB Drive not Hard drive or DVD/CD ROM.)